Cathédrale de Saint Pierre, Poitiers (Vienne)

Saint Pierre nave.tif | Via Lucis Photography.

This is the Angevin cathedral built by Henry Plantagenet and Eleanor of Aquitaine (I almost said Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn).  It is a wonderful example of Angevin Gothic and is graced with one of the most beautiful examples of medieval stained glass, the Crucifixion window at the far end of the shot. Once again the Canon 17mm tilt-shift lens shows how superbly it captures the scale and grandeur of these great churches.

Crucifixion window, Cathédrale Saint Pierre

This work of art is so beautiful that it is impossible to describe and is worth a trip to Poitiers on its own.  At the very bottom Henry and Eleanor make an offer of the stained glass window.

3 thoughts on “Cathédrale de Saint Pierre, Poitiers (Vienne)

  1. Also notice in the frame just above Henry and Eleanor is St. Peter crucified. To the left is Nero ordering the death of St. Paul which is carried out on the right side. Notice that there is a blue devil whispering into Nero’s ear.

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