A Church in Lenox (Dennis Aubrey)

Altar, Saint Ann Church, Lenox (Massachusetts) Photo by PJ McKey

While visiting dear friends in the Berkshires, PJ and I had the opportunity to see the lovely Saint Ann Catholic Church in Lenox, Massachusetts. We started off the weekend with “The Mystery of Irma Vepp” at Shakespeare & Company. The production was directed by our friend Kevin Coleman and was a complete hoot, faithful to the Charles Ludlam roots and a treat to watch. On Saturday, we made arrangements to visit the church. The pastor, Father Christopher J. Waitekus, was kind and informative, giving the history of both the church and the parish, and then allowing us free rein in the church.

Nave of Saint Ann Church, Lenox (Massachusetts) Photo by Dennis Aubrey

Built in an early English Norman Romanesque, Saint Ann Church was designed by architect F. Burrell Hoffman of New York, and was consecrated in 1912. Both the nave and apse photographs were taken with the Canon EF TS-E 17mm f/4L tilt-shift lens.

Apse of Saint Ann Church, Lenox (Massachusetts) Photo by Dennis Aubrey

There is a lovely touch in this church – a dozen full-sized carved angels standing watch over the church. I used the Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM for this shot.

Angel at Saint Ann Church, Lenox (Massachusetts) Photo by Dennis Aubrey
Altar, Saint Ann Church, Lenox (Massachusetts) Photo by PJ McKey

It will be six more months before we are back in Europe shooting French and Spanish Romanesque churches, so this was another nice break in the winter tedium. We look forward to more in the coming Spring months.

6 thoughts on “A Church in Lenox (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. Dennis, I have taken many photos in St Ann’s Church but nothing compare to your beautiful photos!
    Thank you so much. Carole Quinn

  2. Dear Dennis,

    WOW!!!! Your pictures of our beloved St. Ann Church are out-of-this-world!!! As you might know, we are celebrating the buildings 100th Anniversary this summer (July 10th through July 17th) May we use your photos in somw way???? Not for money making at all….just to show off the inside of the church? Would you please call me at St. Ann’s. Again…..wow!!!!

    Fr. C.J.

  3. Thank you for the marvelous photographs of Saint Ann’s. I will have the privilege of being a part of The Celebration and Marriage of friends on 16 July 2011. I am very much looking forward to being there in person.

    Quentin Lane
    Selma, Alabama

    1. You are welcome, and thank you for the kind words, Quentin. It is a beautiful church and we thoroughly enjoyed our time photographing there. Please give our greeting to Father Waitekus when you are there.

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