Basilique Sainte Foy, Conques (Aveyron) | Via Lucis Photography

Basilique Sainte Foy, Conques (Aveyron) | Via Lucis Photography.

This is a detail of the superb tympanum on the west facade of the Basilique Sainte Foy in Conques.  The post from Sunday was about this church.  One of the arresting details is the remnant of the ploychrome in the image.   One gets a sense of how the sculpture must have looked originally.


2 thoughts on “Basilique Sainte Foy, Conques (Aveyron) | Via Lucis Photography

  1. re ‘a sense of how it must have looked’ so long as consideration is given to which coat of paint we are seeing, whether today’s visible colours were undercoats or final coats or restorations, (the nineteenth century fervour for repainting medieval stonework as is still evident in St Germain des Pres) and how much of the paint, or even the stone work can be attributed to its original condition. And of course the lighting in the original setting, reference candle lighting in churches, or lighting in prehistoric cave art situations posted in a recent Via Lucis article.

    1. Peter, we recently had a long talk with one of the officials involved with the restoration of Notre Dame de Chartres and he talked about this “original condition” problem, which is one of the major issues in restoration. He described removing layer after layer of grime and later paint and actually arriving at the original layers. On one column they found 92% of the original paint, whereas prior to that they had not found a column with more than 50%. They based their restoration work on the earlier finds of 50%. When they found the column with 90%, the restorers were dismayed that they had not found it earlier, so that they could have tempered their restoration work.

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