A Milestone (Dennis Aubrey)

When we started writing the Via Lucis blog in February 2010, we were not sure that it would interest anybody. After all, most blogs seem to be about politics, show business, money, or personal affairs. Would anyone be interested in medieval architecture and pictures of churches? Well, we’ve now had over 10,000 visitors to the site from more than 70 countries. I know that is not a lot compared to what we would get if we profiled Lady Gaga or Donald Trump, but it is a pleasant surprise.

Basilique Saint Hilaire, Poitiers (Vienne) Photo by PJ McKey

We also did not anticipate that there would be quite so many words in the blog. As photographers, it seemed that pictures would be the primary focus and we used a site design that would accentuate the pictures. Now it has turned out that of the 95 posts that we’ve done, they’re split half and half text and images. We are working on a book called Light & Stone and much of what goes into this blog feeds into that text as well.

Cathedrale Sainte Eulalie-et-Sainte-Julie, Elne (Pyrénées-Orientales) Photo by Dennis Aubrey

Along the way, our interests have diverged enough to cover liturgical artists like George Hoezelman, Kathy Siemens, and Tatiana Romanova-Grant, calligraphers like Donald Jackson and the great Saint John’s Bible. In other words, we are documenting living remnants of the Romanesque world as well as the architectural ones. So, thank you very much for reading the posts on the Via Lucis blog. And thanks to those who have commented; the quality of the commentary is an instructive indication on the quality of the readers.

If you are interested in seeing more of our photographs of these churches, please visit our Via Lucis website.

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