The Groin Vault – a video explanation (Dennis Aubrey)

The subject of medieval vaulting can be very complicated. We have made posts earlier using photographs to show the various types of vaulting, but this is necessarily insufficient. Using Google Sketch Up, I’ve been able to develop a much more informative graphic presentations, which have now turned into video explanations of the subject. Please understand that these videos do not show how each vault was actually constructed, but what it looks like.

This is the first video, for the simple groin vault, one of the earliest of medieval vaults.

If you want to see it larger, here is a link to the YouTube version. Let me know if these are helpful and I will do more of them.

Right now, I’m planning the following:

Barrel vault
Banded barrel vault
Half-barrel vault
Groin vault
Sexpartite vault
Quadripartite (Gothic) vault

I may extend it out to include other medieval roof treatments, principally the domes. They would include:

Cylinder domes
Oven vaults

As these are done, I’ll link the videos to this list, which will serve as an index page for these explanations.

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