A repost on San Juan Ortega (Dennis Aubrey)

I can’t help but repost the following link on the church of San Juan Ortega near Burgos in Spain. If there has ever been any doubt in the minds of readers of this blog about the creative genius of the Romanesque builders, this video should convince.

Twice a year during the equinoxes on March 20 and September 3, sunlight makes a journey across the wall of the church to illuminate the Annunciation capital on the north side of the church. Under normal conditions, it is difficult to make out the capital in the dim light, but on these two days a ray of sunlight enters through a window of the west facade. The sun rises up to the capital and progressively reveals all of its details of the sculpture. Scenes that were barely visible are suddenly filled with light. This video shows the journey of the light and demonstrates the inspiration of the medieval builders.

2 responses to “A repost on San Juan Ortega (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. I love the way the Virgin leans her tired head on Joseph’s in the Nativity scene. The music is a bit anachronistic, but effective!

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