Last Week in the Capitol (Dennis Aubrey)

We had business in Washington DC last week and took the chance to break out the camera gear. The cherry blossoms were early this year and at their peak when we were in town. PJ and I went out at dawn on Friday to get some shots, including this panorama of the Jefferson Memorial.

Jefferson Memorial among the cherry blossoms, Washington DC (Photo by Dennis Aubrey)

The panorama was taken with the Canon 24mm f3.5 TSE LII, shifted to the left and then shifted to the right. The original image is 9252×3084 pixels.

We also had the opportunity to photograph Saint Ann Catholic Church in Arlington. Saint Ann has recently been completely rebuilt by a very active and dedicated congregation. The complex features the well-known school, parish offices and halls, and this church. Note the icon to the left of the altar. This was created by Sister Nancy Lee Smith, who we will feature in a later post.

Saint Ann's Catholic Church, Alexandria (Virginia) Photo by Dennis Aubrey

Of course, we also needed to complete our shooting at the Washington National Cathedral. It was a beautiful day, fully spring-like and there were a great number of visitors. But even so, we were able to get some wonderful shots there.

West front, Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC (Photo by Dennis Aubrey)

Inside, one can still see the evidence of the damage done by the earthquake that struck on August 23, 2011. We heard that it caused over $20 million in damage. Damage inside the Cathedral was minor, but was widespread and located around the ceiling. There is concern that mortar from the stones would fall on visitors, they have installed a metal netting along the ceiling of the nave as a precaution.

In this shot, the netting acts like a theatrical scrim, backlit by the light from the clerestory stained glass windows. It made for a fine view up to the nave vaulting.

Clerestory windows and netting, Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC (Photo by Dennis Aubrey)

PJ has been in rehearsals for a play she is directing, and so we haven’t been able to process her shots. Later this week we will post on both Saint Ann and the National Cathedral, but until then we can admire a beautiful week in March.

Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC (Photo by Dennis Aubrey)

7 responses to “Last Week in the Capitol (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. Great shots. I’m from the DC area originally, but I haven’t seen the cherry blossoms in person in at least 10 years; I’m hoping to change that next spring.

    I just heard that the basilica in Baltimore discovered quite a bit of earthquake damage, and is going to be shut for tours on weekdays for at least the next nine months. I’m a little sad about that, since I was hoping to shoot it this June, but just an excuse to go back another time if the scaffolding gets in the way. ^_^

    • Allie, Latrobe’s basilica in Baltimore is on our list to shoot, but I hadn’t heard about the damage. Looks like it is time for more research. Thanks for the visit and the heads-up.

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