Exhibiting those that precede (Dennis Aubrey)

Those who are familiar with our work know our deep regard and affection for Angelico Surchamp, the Benedictine monk/photographer/artist. His hundred-plus books and thousands of photographs have informed the whole world of the greatness of Romanesque art and architecture. We have already mentioned him in three posts, acknowledging his influence, meeting him for the first time, and honoring him for receiving the Légion d’Honneur from the French people.

Dennis and Angelico Surchamp at Le Villars (Saône-et-Loire), 20 September 2011. Photo by PJ McKey

We have just discovered that in the town of Evry (Essone) there is an exhibition of Surchamp’s paintings entitled, Itinéraire d’un passeur de Beauté, which translates as The Journey of a Smuggler of Beauty. The Cathédrale de la Résurrection d’Évry hosts the exhibition sponsored by the Agence Nationale pour les Arts Sacrés.

I think that the title referring to the “smuggler” of beauty is so apt, because Surchamp’s texts, which were about religious structures, discovered and communicated an aesthetic from another time and brought it to our contemporary eyes.

Congratulations to the Dom, from his admirers in the United States.

5 thoughts on “Exhibiting those that precede (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. Did you go to Evry? The town is a nightmare – we went for a concert in the cathedral which proved very hard to find because it doesn’t even look llike a church: Round, with a chopped off top, planted with (I think) 24 linden trees! The inside’s not bad, and good accoustic. Evry is an amalgam of several scattered villages, and has no heart. We spent most of our two-day visit getting lost.
    I like the look of your Abbé.

    1. We had a similar experience trying to cross from Versailles to Melun at rush hour. Traffic was horrible on the autoroutes, so we took side roads and couldn’t find our way back. We hope for better luck in your part of France; we’re going to spend a couple of weeks shooting the churches near Caen and on the Contentin Peninsula, and then another week or so in Brittany.

  2. I live near the bottom of the Cotentin peninsula, with shifting views of the Romanesque Coutances Cathedral from many local places. Do come and photograph it. One of the best views is from the Coutances Jardin des Plantes. Our roads are much more user-friendly than those of the Ile de France.

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