Churches in Mexico – A Guest Post (Salvador Penaloza)

✜ Salvador Penaloza is a photographer from Mexico who documents many of the historic churches of his native country. We hope you enjoy these photographs from Salvador and “At the Heart of the Image.” ✜

The Capilla Real (Royal Chapel with 49 Domes) is in Cholula Puebla, and was dedicated in 1552. This Royal Chapel of the Franciscan church of San Gabriel is an authentic copy of the great mosque of Cordorba, Spain. It features nine aisles, each with seven bays, separated by octagonal and round columns. Originally the bays had wooden artesonado ceilings, but they were replaced by tiled domes in the 18th century.

Capilla Real (Real Chapel with 49 Domes), Cholula Puebla (Photo by Salvador Penaloza

The Cupula de Loreto is the dome of the Church of Our Lady of Loreto, and at almost 30 meters in diameter is one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. The present church dates from the early twentieth century, although the first building was dedicated in 1683.

Cupula de Loreto ( Dome of the Virgen of Loreto), Mexico City (Photo by Salvador Penaloza)

The Iglesia de San Gabriel (San Gabriel Church) is also in Cholula Puebla. It was built between 1529 and 1552 under the directorship of Fray Marin Hojacastro on the remains of what was a Mesoamerican temple dedicated to Quetzalcoatl. In this shot you can see the Gothic rib vaulting in the nave in the distance.

Iglesia de San Gabriel, Cholula, Puebla (Photo by Salvador Penaloza)

Iglesia San Pedro (San Pedro Church) in Cholula Puebla, built in 1640, is the parish church for the San Pedro municipality. The style is a mixture of Baroque and Renaissance, with a Churrigueresque cupola.

Iglesia San Pedro, Cholula Puebla (Photo by Salvador Penaloza)

✜ To see more of Salvador’s work, “At the Heart of the Image.”, please select this link. ✜

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