Very interesting site that featured Via Lucis today.

L'Historien Errant

I’ve recently stumbled upon some cool ‘new’ blogs dedicated to the Middle Ages in general and to medieval art in particular. When I say ‘new’, what I actually mean is ‘new to me‘ since most of them have been in existence for quite some time. I’m planning to do a sort of cumulative post about them in the near future, just in case those blogs are new to you too, because they really deserve to be read. One of them, however, needs to be mentioned right away because it’s what inspired this post you’re reading right now. I’m talking of Via Lucis Photography, a blog by photographers Dennis Aubrey and PJ McKey, featuring amazing pictures and insightful stories about Romanesque architecture in France and, occasionally, elsewhere. You should really go and check it out, especially if you have an interest in photography and/or consider yourself a member of 

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