An artist in his studio (PJ McKey)

This is just a short post to show a very rare photograph – one with Dennis in it.

We were in the Normandy town of Coutances to shoot the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Coutances and to have the pleasure of meeting Vivian Blake in the parvis of the cathedral later that afternoon.

In the Cathedral, I looked up from my own work and saw Dennis on the altar preparing his shot of the cathedral vaulting and couldn’t resist taking my own photo. When I sent it to my daughter Sarah and her fiancé Matt Dalianis, he replied back, “The artist in his studio.” I thought that this was very appropriate.

The artist in his studio (Photo by PJ McKey)

Here is the shot that he came up with.

Crossing dome, Cathédrale Notre Dame de Coutances, Coutances (Manche) Photo by Dennis Aubrey

7 thoughts on “An artist in his studio (PJ McKey)

  1. PJ and Dennis, the photos took me to a line spoken by tow truck driver (Danny Glover) in the fiilm Grand Canyon. He’s sitting there at 2:00 a.m. under the neon lights with the wealthy 30-something man we’d just rescued from gang violence after his Lexus 400 had broken down in Watts (LA). The Lexus owner escaped within an inch of his life when the tow truck driver arrived in response to his emergency call.

    Danny Glover asks the question to the Lexus owner who’s insulated , bid “world” of wealth and privilege has been challenged. “You ever been to the Grand Canyon?… Man, get yourself to the Grand Canyon. Those rocks, those old rocks have seen it all. They just stay right there. And that old canyon is SO big it takes your breath away. MAKES YOU FEEL KINDA SMALL. REAL SMALL.”

    Feeling “small” – and being small – like Dennis in this photography under the crossing dome is, perhaps, the best of all possible feelings. The sense of awe…beauty… a magnificence that takes the breath away. Thanks, PJ, for taking the shot.

    1. How right you are, Gordon. We were left almost alone in the wonderful cathedral before we met Vivian Blake. I was in my own world setting up for this shot, unaware that PJ was there. I love her photo. We were indeed little and it was a magnificent feeling.

  2. Wonderful shots. Must have been taken just before I arrived! That lantern tower is my favourite part of Coutances Cathedral along with the organ pipe pillars (Jock’s description) of the West front.

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