Freshly Pressed (Dennis Aubrey)

What a nice surprise for the Via Lucis holiday season – we were Freshly Pressed by WordPress.

Our recent article “The Nerve that is Dying” was selected by the editors. I must say that I have been surprised by two honors on this post – first the Freshly Pressed and second, this is the first time that PJ has commented on one of my posts. “Very nice my love….thank you.” That made my heart sing.

So we thank all of you for your support of our work at Via Lucis, for your love of these great churches. These churches represent what is best in humanity as well as reflect the damage done by our worst failings, but are strong enough to still stand witness so many years later.

Eglise Abbatiale Lavaudieu, Lavaudieu  (Haute-Loire)

Eglise Abbatiale Lavaudieu, Lavaudieu (Haute-Loire)

29 responses to “Freshly Pressed (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. Congratulations! It is well deserved!! And, I have to say, I absolutely love this photograph. So evocative and intriguing. Wonderful!

    • Thanks, Loretta. There is a wonderful story/lesson in the taking of it. We had gone to the lovely church at Lavaudieu and spent three solid hours shooting. I was tired at the end of the afternoon, as this was our third church of the day, so I packed up my cameras and sat down in the back of the church to wait for PJ to finish (she is indefatigable!). I happened to turn to my right and there was the late afternoon light coming in the open door and illuminating the stone font. In a flash, I got my gear set up and took the shot. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good!

  2. Congratulations! The recognition is well deserved. Your posts with stunning photographs, lucid and captivating stories, are examples of the finest online literature.They are always a joy. Glad that more folks are getting a chance to see your work!

    • Ludwig, it is always a pleasure to see one of your comments. Your praise is very high indeed, and we will do our best to live up to it. Have a great holiday season, and I look forward to more exchanges in the New Year.

    • Such high praise, thank you. I went back to your site and remembered that you had done a post on Irish churches. I found it again and went through the post. What a pleasure. I particularly liked the ruined cloister.

  3. Congratulations! This honor is well deserved. I went back and reread “The Nerve that is Dying”. Both you and P.J. do beautiful work. Love, Mom

    • Wow, this is my Mom speaking, folks! High praise from her. She and my father, Don, have spent many weeks in France with us, patiently waiting while we photograph for hours on end. Thanks, Mom!

  4. Via Lucis is by far one of the best blogs for ART lovers in the blogosphere. I’ve been following you for a lot of months and was sure VL would be “freshly pressed” sooner or later. I was lucky enough to be freshly pressed last July; it was a post about Romanesque churches in Spain (“Spanish little churches in the middle of nowhere”), it received tons of comments, but … guess what?: the very first comment that appears in that post (a comment previous to be freshly pressed) was made by Dennis Aubrey. You are great. Congrats!

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