Happy New Year (PJ McKey & Dennis Aubrey)

PJ and I wish you all the happiest of New Years. We are so moved to have such a response to our work at Via Lucis and to have the participation of so many interesting, educated, and thoughtful people in our quest for beauty and meaning in our beloved Romanesque and Gothic churches.

Basilique Saint Austremoine, Issoire  (Puy de Dôme)  Photo by PJ McKey
Basilique Saint Austremoine, Issoire (Puy de Dôme) Photo by PJ McKey

14 thoughts on “Happy New Year (PJ McKey & Dennis Aubrey)

  1. Dennis and PJ, all the best to you on the threshold of a new year. Author Frederich Buechner defined one’s “vocation” as “the place where your own deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” You have found your vocations. Your gladness feeds our hunger. Thank you.

  2. As a newbie on your site and a lover of good writing and photography, I second Gordon’s thoughts…have always loved Buechner’s quote on vocation. Happy New Year from the middle of the U.S. from another WP blogger. God bless your work.

    Steve Givens

    1. Steve, I stumbled on your site in the last couple of weeks and poked around a bit. Thanks for coming to our site and we appreciate the kind words. Gordon is quite a man and it is worth visiting his site. It is also worth listening to his sermon on YouTube.

  3. Happy New Year to you both! Your photography of some of these old churches might be documenting their last days as Christian structures; I heard a sermon 2 days ago about the great numbers of European churches closing and reopening as mosques. The pastor reminded us that if a vacuum is created, someone else will fill it. So, thanks for showing us how beautiful the churches still are after hundreds of years. The photo above is stunning.

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