We get a cover (Dennis Aubrey)

Via Lucis images have been licensed by scholarly, art, architectural, and religious publications, but this month we have a first. The French magazine Science & Avenir (Science and Future) has licensed an image of the black madonna of Le Puy for the cover and an interior full-page.

Science & Avenir cover,  January 2013
Science & Avenir cover, January 2013

A science publication is probably among the last places that we would have expected one of our images to appear, but we are delighted to see it.

29 thoughts on “We get a cover (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! This is huge, and so well deserved! I was thinking of you the other day, and wondering how you were getting along. How was France? We had a great time just exploring everything, but as you probably know, there is never enough time.

      1. I haven’t much. I’ll send you an email as to why. I found France so much fun, but I thought the learning curve was a little high–at least for Paris. We had some train trouble, and I was stupid enough to rent a lens that I’d never used before (the canon 24-70mm), so I was somewhat disappointed in my images. It was grey and cloudy every day but a couple, and the dynamic range really was difficult to work with. We got PS CS6 right after Christmas, so I’ve been trying to figure that out.

      2. Arnel, I made a horrible mistake this year. We always send our cameras away to Canon Professional Services for cleaning and a complete service before we travel. We went to our first site, Saint Philibert-de-Grandlieu, and I set up the camera as usual. I didn’t notice, though, that the service people had changed the size of the image and I shot the entire church at half resolution! What a dummy!

        BTW, do you use Lightroom? It is a terrific asset management system but has superb editing tools. We hardly use PS6 any more.

  2. congratulations on the cover. it is wonderful to see others apprecaite your wonderful photography. Your images are great, your research and and storytelling that is also very endearing. My husband and I wanted the Camino to Santiago de Compstela in September and October of 2012 and I thought of you often! wondering how you would approach the Cathderals and country churches, but with a weight restriction meaning limited equipment I was left in many cases just to admire the architecture. I am looking forward to more of your wonderful posts.

    1. Thanks so much, Janice. Did you guys actually walk the pilgrimage path? PJ wants to do it with my sister (my knees have not allowed me to do so yet, but maybe with the new knee that will change). We were in France at the same time as you and your husband were on the trail!

  3. I saw that cover before leaving France! My bf’s family subscribes to Science et Avenir and that issue was sitting on the coffee table where I casually walked past it for days, with no idea that it was your image! Congratulations

    1. Emily, that’s so funny that you noticed the cover sitting around like that. The magazine moved fast, we got the request for the license in early December and they published a week or two later!

  4. Now you can say you’ve photographed a cover girl! Well done! I’m not sure what your photo has to do with science. Or the future! I need to read the article.

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