An Update on our “Featured Churches” (Dennis Aubrey)

We have received many requests to give information on the precise locations of many of the churches that we visit, especially the ones that are in the more remote areas. At the urging of a man named Joel Gillet, we have finally done something.

Our Featured Churches page (found at the top of the right hand Via Lucis section) now has the decimal longitude and latitude map coordinates for the churches. You can use these on any map or on Google Earth to locate the them.

The information is displayed in this format:

Aubeterre-sur-Dronne (Charente)

Église Saint Jean
45.272057° 0.170893°

We list the town or city and department, then the name of the church (linked to the article that describes it) and then the map coordinates. We hope that this helps anyone who wants to visit these churches.

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