More Mapping Changes (Dennis Aubrey)

We’ve recently responded to readers who want to know how to locate the churches that we write about. A number of our posts are explorations of one church exclusively and we list them on our Featured Churches page.

The other day I added the longitude and latitude coordinates to the page, and today, at the request of Arran Q. Henderson and Trish (Sounds like Wish), both of whom wanted to be able to see the churches on a map and explore nearby churches, we made a further change. We now have linked every single one of those churches to a custom Via Lucis Google Map.

It works like this. Each entry features the town and department, the church (linked to the article featuring that church) and then the coordinates (linked to the map).

Aubeterre-sur-Dronne (Charente)

Église Saint Jean
45.272057° 0.170893°

Once you have linked to the Google Map, you can zoom in to look at that one particular church or you can look at other churches in the area. In every case, the church marker contains basic information about the church and the link to the articles. Try it on this post and then go the Featured Churches page and explore away.

3 thoughts on “More Mapping Changes (Dennis Aubrey)

    1. Thanks, Bob, it wasn’t too hard to figure out. The actual map of what we’ve shot is an order of magnitude greater than the ones we’ve shot, but it still is nice. As we write, we’ll continue to update.

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