New publications of Editions Zodiaque

“Le vrai génie de l’art roman est d’être un art populaire fait pour et par un peuple chrétien.”

“The true genius of Romanesque art is that it was a folk art made by and for a Christian people.”

Angelico Surchamp

As readers of Via Lucis know, we have done several posts on Angelico Surchamp and the Editions Zodiaque in the past. The writing and photography of this 200 volume series opens up this medieval renaissance to our modern eyes. And now the exciting news is that several volumes of this series on Romanesque architecture are being re-released by Éditions Stéphane Bachès. The first release is the book “Bourgogne” sixty years after its original publication.


The publication of these volumes is part of a flurry of activity on the Zodiaque collection. Professor Janet T. Marquardt’s book on the series is scheduled for publication this fall as well.

The Éditions Stéphane Bachès “Poitou” book will be released in October 2013 and the “Auvergne” volume will be released in November 2013.

These books are the sine qua non for the understanding of Romanesque art and architecture and it is a great thing to have them re-released. If you read French and are interested in Romanesque architecture, these books should be in your library. And if you are interested in a pretty complete inventory of the Zodiaque publications, look at this list at

One response to “New publications of Editions Zodiaque

  1. Thanks Dennis! Unfortunately, delays with the editorial process have pushed the appearance of my book to next year. You’ll be one of the first to know when it’s out!

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