Guest Post – Dr. Sara Lutan-Hassner

Dr. Sara Lutan-Hassner

Dr. Sara Lutan-Hassner

Dr. Sara Lutan-Hassner contributes an interesting scholarly article that Via Lucis will publish on August 10. This analysis describes how the iconography of the sculpture at the Collégiale Saint-Martin de Candes demonstrated Angevin courtly ideology and dynastic awareness.

Dr. Lutan-Hassner earned a Ph.D. in Art History from Tel-Aviv University. She taught at the Department of Art History and the Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts, Tel Aviv University (1991-2012). She has published articles on Gothic sculpture in western France, and lately, “The Platter from Kafr Misr”, Atiqot- Israel Antiquities Authority Journal (English series, 2012).

She is the author of “Saint-Martin in Candes” (Université de Poitiers, Centre d’Études Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale, Poitiers 2006); “The South Porch of Chartres Cathedral: the margins of monumental sculpture” (Alexandros Press, Leiden 2011). “Candes-Saint-Martin: Sacred Space, Fateful Memory” (in print, Brepols). Translated into Hebrew Umberto Eco (ed.), On Ugliness, New York, 2007 and edited the Hebrew edition of Umberto Eco (ed), On Beauty, London, 2004 (Rizzoli). At the moment, she is writing “Thomas Becket and the Plantagenets- Atonement through Art”.

Dr. Lutan-Hassner’s article “Collégiale de Candes-Saint-Martin” can be found here.

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