5 Sounds You Hear on The Camino de Santiago

PJ and I are following Nathan Mizrachi’s blog “Life is a Camino” as he walks the Compostela pilgrimage. Today we learned that the poetry of the road has joined him as a companion.

Life is a Camino

Path into light

This is my third week on the Way of St. James, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it (but perhaps not French computers, which is making this post excruciatingly difficult). After walking about 400-500 km I have recognize certain sounds that pop up wherever I happen to be. If you close your eyes after reading this, hopefully you will get a sense for what it sounds like to walk The Way.

More Fields

1. The wind rustling through trees and high grass.

Where the road never ends

2. The distant roaring noise of a car approaching you on the highway, and the rush of sound a it passes you.

Twilight near Saint Goussaud

3. The cacophony of buzzing you hear — either high tension power lines overhead, or a symphony of crickets chirping in the grass.

Nave Elevation, St. Etienne de Bourges

4. The unreciprocated echo of church bells tolling in a small village, fading into the still heat of midday.

Lac d'Eguzon

5. The constant…

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2 thoughts on “5 Sounds You Hear on The Camino de Santiago

    1. Thanks, Judy. When we started this blog, we weren’t sure that many people would be interested in photography and writing about medieval architecture. One of the great delights is the wonderful group of people who participate on a regular basis by posting or commenting. It is a great network, as you say.

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