The Chiaroscuro Church Part Deux (Dennis Aubrey)

Today we are featuring another shot continuing our examination of the wonderful chiaroscuro effects that we see in the Romanesque churches in France and Spain.

Eglise Abbatiale Lavaudieu, Lavaudieu  (Haute-Loire)
Eglise Abbatiale Lavaudieu, Lavaudieu (Haute-Loire) Photo by Dennis Aubrey

This shot of the doorway was the result of an accident. The church in this little Auvergnat town was the third we had shot in the day and after two hours, I was exhausted and finished. While PJ continued to shoot in the apse area, I packed up my equipment and sat down to rest. At some point my gaze turned to the door and this is what I saw. Five minutes later, the equipment was set up and I took this single shot. The way the light from the doorway modeled the stone font and the arch of the south wall is marvelous.

8 thoughts on “The Chiaroscuro Church Part Deux (Dennis Aubrey)

    1. Absolutely, Darrell. We return this spring – Pyrenées Orientale, Ardeche, Auvergne, and Haute Loire. All of these are return visits except for the Ardeche. Can’t wait.

  1. Dennis, you worry me…

    I see you drifting closer and closer to the light… Maybe you should give it some distance and remain safely in the clair-obscures…

    The light might pierce you one day – straight through your head – and you will fall down from your horse, the nose in the mud and lost to us for ever…

    And our world would be more lonely


    1. Joel, I must be attentive on the road to Damascus! Oh, to receive a sign like that. I am working on a post on my own personal vision dream. If only I have the courage to post.

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