The Auvergne in autumn (Dennis Aubrey)

Last week we had our first snow and that means that another autumn fades on Cape Cod. The transition brings to mind one fall season in the Auvergne a few years ago. PJ and I were exploring the region and in the late afternoon we rounded a curve on the road. To our right, we saw this vista opening up below us. We had to stop and take a look at these volcanic puys. It is worth clicking on this image, and then clicking again – I uploaded a fairly high resolution file so you can see the detail.

Auvergne landscape, photo by Dennis Aubrey

Auvergne landscape, photo by Dennis Aubrey

21 responses to “The Auvergne in autumn (Dennis Aubrey)

    • Viv, when you are able to travel, well worth the visit! So many vistas just take our breath away. The food is wonderful as well, simple hearty food for a hard winter! And of course, the true Saint Nectaire and Forme d’Ambert cheese, the artisanal stuff is absolutely amazing.

    • The region is spectacular, Emily, and very much unspoiled. There are 80 inactive volcanoes that lend it a distinctive appearance, and there is one spot in the Auvergne that is the source for many major rivers of France, including the Dordogne. It would be a great place to hike.

    • Darrell, it is one of the most beautiful areas in France. When we were looking for places to live in France, this was high on our list. We ruled it out only because when we asked what it was like in winter, one resident hesitated and replied “Dur“! “Hard.” But other than that, it is spectacular and unique.

  1. Worth clicking, and clicking again. Meanwhile, Cape Cod, or more specifically, Wellfleet, was a family vacation spot before we headed to the Jersey Shore. It was a sad day for me when Hurricane Sandy obliterated Seaside Heights. Beyond that (or before that), I’ve been to Paris once and somehow got embroiled in a snowball fight somewhere on the Left Bank!

    • K, thanks so much for this. We live in West Falmouth, looking out over Buzzards Bay. We feel so lucky to live here – we are always sad when we leave France, but who can complain when we return here? I lived in France for seven years and got in snowball fights, but never in Paris!

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