A Photograph by PJ (Dennis Aubrey)

Every once in a while I see – almost by accident – a shot in our library that only PJ could take. Today it is a photograph of the Collégiale Saint Lazare in Avallon, just a few miles from Vézelay.

Collégiale Saint Lazare, Avallon (Yonne) Photo by PJ McKey

Collégiale Saint Lazare, Avallon (Yonne) Photo by PJ McKey

This is not a perfect shot – technically I would have some questions about it; I am not happy that she slightly clipped the arch of the clerestory window, for example. But there is a strange symmetry of the shot – the offset of the window, the statue, and the confessional mirrors the offset of the stones around the doors. The statue of the Madonna emerges from the deep contrasts of light and shadow. Moss grows on the wall next to the open, quietly inviting confessional; one senses that in the act of confessing there would be a scent of decay all around. All of these combine to elicit a strong emotional response in me. Once again, PJ uses her camera to move me, to show something new in churches that I mistakenly believe I know so well.

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