Italian Translations on Via Lucis (Dennis Aubrey)

italy-flagIt has been very gratifying to see the Via Lucis work appear in other languages. The latest is a series of renderings into Italian by Carlo Balma Mion. He wrote to us from the Translation page on this site and offered his services, which we were delighted to accept.

Carlo Balma Mion studied at Politecnico di Torino (Italy), firstly graduating in Architecture and then earning a PhD in Cultural Heritage; he dedicated his PhD research to the characterization of ancient white marbles from an architectural and multi-layered point of view, thinking that a stone, in architecture, can not be “simply” considered a piece of rock.

After working for several firms of architects since 2002, he finally set up his practice in 2007, where he works as architect and technical translator (if not, he’s playing cello or photographing somewhere). He has been involved in several Conservation projects ranging from gothic bell towers to XVIII century stone buildings or baroque marble altars.

He writes about history of architecture and ancient marbles and stones.

The translations are found here:

Pablo Casals in the Pyrénées Pablo Casals nei Pirenei

Église Saint-Léger in Ébreuil La chiesa di Saint-Léger a Ébreuil

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