We’re Off!! (Dennis Aubrey)

Today we leave for France and a glorious month of photographing our French churches and cathedrals. We’ll be in three famous Gothic cathedrals – Chartres (of course), Saint-Etienne de Bourges, and Saint-Sauveur in Aix-en-Provence. And of course we will photograph several dozen Romanesque churches.

We are flying our regular Icelandair route, which we like very much. We go through European customs in Reykjavík so that when we arrive in Paris, we go through the EU gates. Much faster and easier than trying to come in from outside the EU.


On this trip we will visit many churches, some as repeats and others for the first time. We will also be visiting friends old and new as we make our way around the country.

Side aisle, Notre Dame de Chartres (Photo by Dennis Aubrey)  Photograph taken with Big Fella and Bubbles on Big Sticks

Side aisle, Notre Dame de Chartres (Photo by Dennis Aubrey) Photograph taken with Big Fella and Bubbles on Big Sticks

Our equipment is packed and ready, our suitcases filled, and tomorrow at this time we will be in Vézelay. We will be posting periodic updates with some of our latest photos, so be sure to join us as we travel. À bientôt!

19 responses to “We’re Off!! (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. I look forward to your future posts. Have a safe and momentous month in France.
    Wish I was a mini in your suitcase!! Kalli

  2. Have a fabulous trip and I hope the weather holds fair! It’s blowing a gale in England at the moment.

    I look forward to more fabulous photos.

  3. I love your hint about getting into Europe with fewer hassles. I won’t forget it. The weather in the south of France is beautiful this week. So I’ve heard.

  4. And here I, a fairly new follower, thought you LIVED in France, you post so much content. Have a wonderful trip, I look forward to seeing the results. Icelandic Air used to fly into Halifax NS (fairly near me) and those were the best flights I ever had to Europe!

  5. Bon Voyage! Looking forward to new discoveries. I really love the lesser known churches.

    My sister (who’s in a business with a photographic connection) said to me today that the images on your website are superb! And she’s not much into church architecture!

    • Thank you sister for the kind words, Tony. We’re having a great time. Went to three churches in the Vienne-Valence region but only shot at two. Tomorrow Valence and then the Ardeche!

  6. Magnifique, Dennis and PJ. Reminds me of my first trip to Europe on Icelandic (1965). Well appreciated your updating comments about flowing gracefully, like Chartres, into a beautiful space without the agon of customs. Bon voyage.

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