“Painted Romanesque” now available as an ebook

Our short book on the painted churches in France is now available as an ebook for iPad and iPhone and as a PDF that can be read on any platform, at the Blurb store.

The book will also be available shortly on the Apple Store site.


We are working on versions for other platforms, including the Kindle, but this is our first foray into electronic publishing. Please feel free to follow the link and preview the book, which won’t be completely a surprise to readers of Via Lucis.

15 responses to ““Painted Romanesque” now available as an ebook

  1. Dennis ande PJ, This is so exciting. Music to my ears. We’ll be among the first to order it later today after returning from our foray to Trinity Episcopal Church in Excelsior, MN. Thanks for the heads up and congratulations. Gordon

  2. Dennis, I would love to buy your book as I enjoy so much your blog. I have a computer, but no iPad, and I don’t want to buy it for my smartphone. Can I buy it for my Windows 7 computer ?

      • Hi Dennis, I just got it to work by clicking on ‘Just published ebooks’. I ignored the black box that comes up and says “the book you’re looking for can’t be found”. But it’s a lying box. I found the book. Thanks. Trish

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