The Atlas Roman by Antoine Garnier (Dennis Aubrey)

Sometimes I feel like a complete idiot. There is so much research involved with Via Lucis and there are so many wonderful resources and it sometimes feels like we know them all. But only today have I discovered the blog Atlas Roman by Antoine Garnier, who describes himself as “Je suis un amateur de vieilles pierres. J’affectionne en particulier les églises et autres abbayes romanes!”, “I am a lover of old stones. I am particularly fond of Romanesque churches and abbeys!”

I know Garnier’s work from Facebook because of his many posts on the group “Eglises Romanes”, but I never knew about Atlas Roman. This site is valuable for a number of reasons, certainly the profusion of photographs, and the sheer number of Romanesque churches that he visits in north and central France, but also the detailed maps.

Map of "Eure Romane" courtesy of Antoine Garnier
Map of “Eure Romane” courtesy of Antoine Garnier

Garnier does some very interesting work with the maps. First, there are photographs of each church identified. Second, they are categorized by which features are Romanesque – the entire church, the apse, nave, façade, etc. all color coded. Also, the intensity of the color indicates the relative interest of the church.

In recommending this site to all the lovers of Romanesque, I have placed a permanent link to this site on our “Art & Architecture” links. Here is another link to the thousand photos of Romanesque churches that he displays on his Panoramio page.

One thought on “The Atlas Roman by Antoine Garnier (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. I have a lovely Zodiac map of Romanesque sites in France and Italy
    somewhere around the house. Have you seen that? May be out of print.

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