Updating our Via Lucis site (Dennis Aubrey)

As Via Lucis grows, we add more information to the site and every once in a while, we just have to clean house. The latest attempt we are making is to consolidate the top banner on the site. We now have six headings.


Commerce – Via Lucis provides commercial access to our photography in three ways. You can select one page to see books that we have for sale, a second page for information on licensing images, and the third provides an interesting link for purchasing Via Lucis framed and matted prints through ImageKind.

Information Resources

Information Resources – Via Lucis has by necessity a great deal of technical information on the churches and it can be valuable to provide resources to help readers navigate the articles. This section consolidates old and new material into a single tab, again with three choices. The first selection takes you to pages where you can see illustrations of church structure (in plan view or in elevation), a helpful tool in following our discussions here.

The second page is something that our readers have asked for in the past, a lexicon. In this we have lexicons of terms describing medieval architecture in English, French and Spanish. In addition, we have English/French and English/Spanish translations.

And finally, we have our library of out-of-print research books on Romanesque and Gothic architecture that have been made available through Google Books.

Guest Posts – The Via Lucis community makes an enormous contribution to our site. This is a compendium of all our guest posts with short bios of the contributors.

Translations – a compendium of Via Lucis articles translated into different languages with short bios of the translators.

Featured churches

Featured Churches – this is the exhaustive listing of all articles that Via Lucis has published on specific single churches with links to those articles and to a map that shows the location of each church. There is a page each for France, Spain, Germany and the United States.

About Via Lucis – a general listing with our mission statement, bios of Via Lucis principals, testimonials about our work, descriptions of the camera and computer equipment that we use, and a contact page.

As a rule we try not to have information that changes rapidly or is unreliable (like information the hours that churches can be visited. We encourage you to explore the wealth of information that is contained here and we always appreciate suggestions for resources that you might find helpful.

5 responses to “Updating our Via Lucis site (Dennis Aubrey)

    • Thanks, Gordon. It’s like a house – things accumulate and every once in awhile we need to do some spring cleaning. Appropriate for today, even if we are going to get snow later.

  1. Thank you so much. I have always been so enchanted by your articles I have to admit, I have never looked beyond the featured articles. I look forward to spending more time with Via Lucas.

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