Happy Easter

We are fortunate in having found yet another medieval sculpture of the patron of secular Easter celebrations, Saint Saliento Lepus.

Saint Saliendo Lepus

Saint Saliendo Lepus

According to our research, Saint Saliendo Lepus was a 3rd century noble Roman rabbit who incurred the wrath of the Emperor Diocletian by hiding colored eggs in the forum. Enraged, Diocletian had him turned over to Plautian, prefect of the praetorium, who tortured him in an effort to force him to stop this practice, but when Saliento persisted, he was beheaded and served in a stew with lentils and onions. Though the legend is an ancient one, it is no more than that.

9 responses to “Happy Easter

    • Not so sure it is a only legend. The brown tone of your medieval icon lends credence to the notion that Lepus cioccolati are hatched from Cadbury’s eggs.

      Have a lovely Easter Holiday!

      Jack Rabbit

  1. Bunoa Pasqua!
    Lovely image, if somehow needing a little distressing, perhaps?

    We entered Italy yesterday, having been travelling through Germany and Austria where everyone is displaying, hanging on trees and offering from baskets beautifully painted eggs – eggs not chocolate. And we stopped at the first Alpine village over the border, Pontebba, for a coffee. The fountain in the little piazza is all decorated with paper spring flowers, but centrally a big brown hen and, on a nest of twigs, a smaller white chicken with her egg. I’d never thought of Easter as a poultry re-enactment of Christmas, and this was a strange as well as lovely scene.

  2. aw, my childhood bunny did lay jelly beans..tho he was stuffed and green..in kindness upon this Easter,kathy

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