Cognoscenti Travel

Mary and John McKean have founded a company called Cognoscenti Travel. John is an architectural historian who has been part of the Via Lucis community for several years now. Having followed the setup of their company, we are pleased to see that their offerings are public now. They describe Cognoscenti as follows: “We are a small company set up by enthusiasts and experts in architectural and cultural history. We only travel to slightly ‘out of the way’ places which we know well and love personally, and want to share with others. We exist because we have a passion for cultural travel and love our destinations.”


Their latest tour is The Renaissance City scheduled for 23 – 29 September 2015 (7 days, 6 nights). The tour features the two greatest exemplars of the Renaissance ‘ideal city’, Ferrara and Urbino, both remaining magical and unspoilt today. John says that they have a couple of places still available. PJ and I would love to attend but our trip to Europe ends in June. We could not imagine a more knowledgeable guide than John and encourage any of our readers to take a look at the Cognoscenti site to see if the tour is appropriate for them.

One thought on “Cognoscenti Travel

  1. Not possible for me at this time, but I am glad to see it exists and wish them every success.

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