New French Translations by Arnaud Sergent

PJ and I are very pleased to welcome another participant to our work here at Via Lucis. Arnaud Sergent has volunteered to translate a number of articles into French. He is another lover of the Romanesque as his bio attests.

Arnaud Sergent
Arnaud Sergent
Arnaud writes, “I am from Toulouse in the Southwest of France, studied in Toulouse and Marseille Physics, Geophysics and Signal Processing. I did Grad School in the US, and got a Master Degree in Digital Image Processing at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. I have lived in the US for 9 years and been back to France since 2003.

I can pinpoint the beginning of my love for Romanesque architecture in the late 70’s, during trips taken with my family to remote Pyrenean valleys in Spain. Imagine several hours of trails in an old Renault 16, and reaching the end of the path, keeping walking to remote villages, where the ancient simple church stood over houses without age. Then opening the door and discovering frescoes from the 11th or 12th century as if the painter had just recently left the place. Or at least it was how it felt to me, before the roads were paved, the old folks died, and parking lots were built for the tour bus. But that first feeling has remained ever since, and the lure to find old and forgotten jewels all over Southern Europe has been with me ever since.

I’m happy to bring my little contribution to the Via Lucis blog in the shape of a few translations to French of posts on churches I’ve also visited. One last thing, I’ve been planning to walk the Way to Compostella since 1992 and before it became “fashionable”. Life happened since and I’ve only done it by car (twice) but I know my chance will come. My son now wants to come with me :)”

Arnaud is translating articles on churches that he has personally visited and photographed, and has agreed to provide a short passage describing his own experience with the churches at the end of the translation. His first translation, La Pierre et Saint-Sernin de Toulouse, will appear tomorrow.

A list of translated articles can be found here and we welcome others who are willing to help us translate the articles into any other language.

3 thoughts on “New French Translations by Arnaud Sergent

  1. Thank you. I look forward to following this new addition to your wonderful blog.
    The term ‘blog’ seems outrageous when applied to your magical articles.

    1. Kalli, Via Lucis is the product of the efforts of PJ and myself, to be sure, but the unexpected additions from all the guest writers, translators, and commenters like yourself have been amazing. It is all part a small but vibrant international community.

      1. Thank you for your kind words. My prayers are with you as you head for California to be with your Dad.

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