A Via Lucis Exhibition (Dennis Aubrey)

There will be an exhibition of Via Lucis photos at the Rialto Gallery in Morrilton, Arkansas. The show will is entitled “Painted Romanesque” and features photographs of some of the Romanesque churches that have been painted in the style used by the medieval builders. Exhibition dates are 6 January to 29 February 2016.

Lovers of medieval architecture are accustomed to see Romanesque churches with their austere bone-white pillars, walls, and vaulting. It is assumed that this look was the intent of the builders. When modern churches in the classical style are built, they usually follow this assumption as an aesthetic guideline. The truth is that the medieval churches were brightly painted both inside and out. The desire to provide believers with instructive images of the life of Christ or the saints led to the creation of decoration that highlighted the great cycles of sacred history.

Église Saint George, Bourbon-l’Archambault (Allier) Photo by PJ McKey
Église Saint George, Bourbon-l’Archambault (Allier) Photo by PJ McKey

Gallery director George R. Hoelzeman is a respected and admired liturgical artist who has been featured in Via Lucis posts since the earliest days of the blog.

The address of the gallery is 213 E Broadway St, Morrilton, AR 72110. Signed and framed prints will be available for sale.

To download the Exhibition notes, click here.

12 thoughts on “A Via Lucis Exhibition (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. Congratulations on your show. I’m sure it will be spectacular! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to both of you.

      1. Change of plans! I’m going to surprise my parents and visit them first–I arrive the day before my birthday. By the time spring rolls around I will head over to the east coast en route to Europe. I’ll email you to coordinate.

  2. I wish Kay and I could visit your exhibit. We leave Saturday for a week at a VRBO home in Tampa and will not likely travel again until we leave for France in June. Hope the exhibit draws the wide attention it deserves.

    1. Congratulations! Would love to be able to see it, but know it will be a success. I will be t here in spirit. Best, Kalli >

      1. It’s very clear, Dennis, in ways that I like. you don’t pound a point. You make it the way a sensitive artist paints. You invite the viewer to draw his.her own conclusions.

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