Reflections of light at the top of the World (Dennis Aubrey)

Sometimes I get so sad, so depressed at the state of the world. The antics of our politicians, the naked greed of our Wall Street masters of the universe, and the sadness at seeing the land of promise and opportunity turning into the land of baristas. Sometimes I just think it is my age, but looking back, I don’t see a golden time. We have always been troubled as a people, but now we have descended further into an abyss. I despair at emerging into the light.

But then something happens to change my heart – first it was PJ who came into my life like a warming beacon. Sometimes it is the generosity and kindness of my friends who I cherish more than I can ever express. And my family (and PJ’s) are a fertile soil that nourishes the seedlings of hope and faith. Today, however, one of member of that family, my nephew Scott, is in my thoughts.

Nepal vista

This young man trained as an engineer at Santa Clara University and immediately got a responsible and well-paying job in his field of civil engineering. But his work there was not fulfilling and he made the choice to change everything. He originally planned to get a master’s degree in Engineering for Developing Communities but decided instead to go to Nepal for a couple of months to help rebuild the country devastated by earthquakes.

Making bricks, photo by Marissa Reis
Making bricks, photo by Marissa Reis

He has now been there longer than two months and he is committed to the process and the country. He speaks conversational Nepalese, and his words glow with the belief that he – and we – can make a difference.

Building walls, photo by Scott Hanson
Building walls, photo by Scott Hanson

To read his own words on his mission, please read this link.

Nepal Scott

So thank you, Scott, from your perch high atop of the world, for sharing your light with this old soul.

Nepal sunset, photo by Scott Hanson
Nepal sunset, photo by Scott Hanson

13 thoughts on “Reflections of light at the top of the World (Dennis Aubrey)

      1. A neighbor of mine gave up his rent controlled San Francisco apartment and went to Lesbos to help out!

        Carol Glanville

  1. I have just read your nephew’s blog and left a comment regarding my own grandson. As always, Dennis, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thanks, Den. We are all so proud of Scott. For my part, I am also profoundly jealous. Thanks for sharing his light!

  3. Greatness is not who you are, but what you do for others.
    With regards for your nephew and his selflessness.

  4. So many times I’ve wanted to thank you for the beautiful and interesting blog…..but I keep having problems with registering with word press.This time I thought….I’m going to DO it…..and here I am …..Again thks for the descriptions and pics of churches.Also you can be proud of Scott,send him my love and congrats!!!! Ivette

  5. Thanks for this, Dennis. He makes us so proud that my heart hurts. And he’s not alone. Many of the upcoming generations have a soul that gives to others. Fear not; the world and humankind will be lifted up again. One soul at a time.

  6. The only person I know who can find a poetical way of connotatively using the word “baristas” so that it weighs in with the same power as the soulful thank you offered a nephew who has committed to humanity….. this post ( and a few others of yours and PJ’s) are bricks in the wall my friend, do not despair!!!!! There are others like Scott. The wonder and hope of the world is that they will be standing on our shoulders and not the assholes we fear! Trust in that. It is true!!!

  7. you are the only person I know that can poetically use, in a powerful connotative way, the word “baristas” and stimulate us beyond beyond….

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