“Mea Culpa” (Dennis Aubrey)

PJ and I would like to apologize to our faithful Via Lucis community for the lack of posts in the last three months, especially recently. We have recently completely changed our life situation, moving from Cape Cod to the hills of Ohio.

Temptation capital detail, Église Saint Martin, Plaimpied-Givaudins  (Indre)  Photo by Dennis Aubrey
Temptation capital detail, Église Saint Martin, Plaimpied-Givaudins (Indre) Photo by Dennis Aubrey

In doing so, we have had to disrupt our physical as well as emotional lives. Part of that physical disruption is that we STILL have not taken delivery of our furniture (that was picked up on June 1). We won’t be receiving it for at least another six or seven days! Perhaps it was not wise to use a moving company broker after all. But this has prevented us from having access to some of our equipment and photos (they are all safe, but inaccessible).

The good news is that we love our new home in Hideaway Hills, just southeast of the town of Lancaster, which is itself about 40 miles southeast of Columbus, where PJ’s siblings live. We live in hills surrounded by trees, deer, pileated woodpeckers, and Amish farms. The backroads could pass for the backroads of France!

Our new house in Ohio
Our new house in Ohio

It is a bit different from life on an island in Cape Cod, looking out over the sparkling waters of Buzzards Bay, but the Hocking Hills are magnificent and we are glad to be here. Right now, PJ and I are trying to plan our next trip to France, hopefully this coming Fall. And most of all, we are so anxious to get back to work on our beloved Via Lucis and to once again have you as part of our lives.

Finally, we would like to thank Jong-Soung Kimm who quite independently gave us three new posts to help fill the void. His contributions always contribute enormously to Via Lucis and these three were particularly appreciated.

Thanks for your patience!

33 thoughts on ““Mea Culpa” (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. Denis,
    I was worried you were ill again. And I am happy to hear that even without furniture you are doing well! My husband and I both love Romanesque and the medieval world of the 12th century. And Via Lucis is food for our souls. A big THANK YOU from Williamsburg, VA.
    Phyllis Haislip

    1. Thanks for your concern, Phyllis, but this has nothing to do with my health, fortunately. We will shortly be back to work on Via Lucis. Our best to our Williamsburg brethren!

  2. The perils of moving. I am in temporary quarters with most of my things in storage. It’s beyond frustrating. I hope things shake out for you quickly. Looks like you’ve got a nice place to live and that you get settled quickly.

    1. Aquila, so nice to hear from you again. Why are you in temporary quarters, are you moving as well? How frustrating. Hope you are well, though, and that things work out for you.

      1. I hope to actually move within the next couple months. I was evicted from my home of 46 1/2 years. It was horrid. An experience every banker and lawyer should have to go through. All I needed was a job but after 7 years of sending resumes and applying for well over 5000 jobs I still don’t have one. I’m deeply grateful for the kindness of friends or I’d be living in my old pickup truck.

  3. I am so glad to see you back. I was worried. I son’t remember if I mentioned that last summer I sold my Montana Ranch property and moved to Green Valley AZ. Ed and I had bought a home down here in 2008. Then he passed in 2009 and I continued to snowbird until this year. It was a huge down-sizing and I’m sure you know and a traumatic move. You new home looked lovely. Quite a change it landscape. I had my furniture, but the front end of my car was smashed by a driver who thought he would rather be in my lane than his own. That the afternoon before I was to leave for AZ. But you know, it all finally comes together.
    I look forward to more of your and P.J.’s lovely photography.

    1. Kalli, as always, so nice to hear from you. It was amazing how much stuff we had in our small house on Cape Cod!!!! It was like the place was regurgitating from hidden depths! We gave away tons of books, DVD’s, CD’s, clothes, and other materials – we drove a van load of materials here ourselves, plus another car load when we came out to close on the house in April. But still we almost filled a 27′ truck!

      We can’t wait to get back to work, and especially, back to France!

      1. I chuckled as I read your reply to my note. I thought I had given away so much stuff. As my son and I were unloading our 27′ truck following the exodus of the furniture, I discovered the storage unit I had rented was too small for the remainder of my STUFF, so, of course I am now paying for a larger storage unit. I look forward to your new posts from France and would love to hide in your suitcase.

  4. Good luck……lucky guys!!!!!I I’d love Cape cod most of all…..Greenery is where I live,the Ardennes,and a big change in my now ….late life is what i’d welcome warmly!!!!!

    1. I know the Ardennes fairly well. Having lived in Verdun as a boy, military history became part of my blood and of course the Ardennes is famous for its role in many different wars. It is a beautiful area even without its historical references! Cape Cod was wonderful, but we lived there 15 years.

  5. Glad that you are well. Ohio is a beautiful state. I spent only a few years there, but much of my family is at home there and visits are always wonderful site-seeing experiences. It is astonishing how you can discover so many wonderful little places in France. Hope that you will continue. I enjoy those trips and places. All the best!

    1. Thanks, Ludwig. PJ grew up in Marion, Ohio and her brother and sister live in Columbus, so this was perfect for us. She (and I) had no idea about this beautiful area of hills in the Hocking Hills area and are delighted to live in the shade of these wonderful oaks, beeches, and ash, with hemlock growing all around. Word is that we have both chanterelles and morels growing on our property!

  6. PJ and Dennis,
    I wish you all the best in your new house!
    I am pleased that my guest posts filled in the void that you needed, although it was totally coincidental. Jong-Soung

    1. Jong-Soung, we can’t wait to get started again on Via Lucis. The new house is perfect for us – we will be building a studio for Via Lucis at the corner of the house where the picture was taken, but that will be in fall, most likely.

    2. Jong-Soung, your emails with the new posts were like a balm to easy a guilty soul! I would be stressing about finding the time and wherewithal to do a post and there would be an email with something spectacular from you. As always, you have our thanks and admiration. We – and all the Via Lucis community – are so fortunate to have your contributions.

  7. We also just moved from Massachusetts to Ohio (near Toledo!)! Some cultural differences from Northeast but improved lifestyle for a young family with kids… anyway – your area looks really beautiful down there!!

  8. Thanks for the update! (And here I thought I was the only one having a crazy spring! lol) I hope your belongings arrive soon so you can settle in completely to your new home. Looking forward to new posts and photos when the time comes.

    Wising you all the best!

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