Off We Go (Dennis Aubrey)

The bags are packed, cameras prepped, tripods given the once-over and we leave on Tuesday!

We fly to Boston, then to Reykjavík where we go through EU customs, and then to Paris. We get our car and drive straight to Chartres to photograph the magnificent Cathédrale Notre Dame de Chartres once again.

Chartres side aisle
Side aisle, Notre Dame de Chartres (Photo by Dennis Aubrey) Photograph taken with Big Fella and Bubbles on Big Sticks

After three days in Chartres, we drive to Montmorillion and then to the Dordogne. We’ve laid out the trip in three different posts, but PJ and I are so happy that the time is actually here. Sarah, PJ’s lovely daughter, is staying at the house to take care of our house and the beloved feline, Rudi. We are so lucky to have her here!

We’ll post something on Chartres when we get a chance and will continue to keep posting as the trip progresses. Before we know it, our two months will be over and we’ll return to our home just in time for the Amish harvests! From one paradise to the other! Meanwhile, we will raise a glass to you all as we live amongst our beloved churches.

PJ at Saint-Génis-des-Fontaines

20 thoughts on “Off We Go (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. I wish you the best for a safe and wonderful trip. Wish I could hitch a ride. Keep me posted. Kalli >

  2. Chartres has been cleaned, you should get some more great photos. The red wine of Roussillon is also great! Come and visit again!

    1. Phil, we’ve been fortunate to document the restoration since 2012. This year they’ve finished everything but the transepts. Can’t wait to photograph them again. As for the red wine of Roussillon, one of our favorite things is drinking the regional wines of France. This year – Gaillac, Pecharment, Cahors, and more!

  3. I hope you both have a wonderful trip. I’m sure you will see many beautiful churches and we will all benefit when you post about them. How lovely to have the Amish harvest to look forward to on your return. From one kind of beauty to another.

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