A Holiday Recommendation

Gordon Stewart visiting our home in Ohio, 2017
For those who might be looking for something calming during this holiday season, I recommend a book written by our great friend here at Via Lucis, Gordon Stewart.

Gordon has been a long-time contributor to the Via Lucis world and his magnificent sermon based upon one of my posts about Vézelay still moves me to tears. Hearing him, it is hard to remember that these are my words. This sensitivity to language and ideas is embodied fully in his blog, Views from the Edge.

He brings this magic to his new book, “Be Still! Departure from Collective Madness” is such a collection of sensitive, deeply felt essays. This link will connect you to his publishers page where the book is available for a discount, a perfect gift for the holidays.

4 thoughts on “A Holiday Recommendation

  1. Hi. I’m not able to connect to the publisher link or the blog. Not sure if it’s something at my end or not.
    I could connect to the YouTube though.
    I also wanted to tell you that Via Lucis has been an inspiration to me. Thank you.

  2. Dennis, what a gift to have “Be Still!” be given a boost on my favorite bloggers’ blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. BTW, if you’re reading this, you won’t know that Dennis shot the photograph on Dennis’ and PJ’s deck in Ohio.

    Advent and Christmas greetings, Dennis and PJ.

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