An Exhibition in Dayton

We are delighted to announce another Via Lucis exhibition, this time at the Marian Library of the International Marian Research Institute in Dayton, Ohio. The dates of the show will be June 25 to July 27, 2018.

The exhibition, entitled “The Throne of Wisdom”, features twenty-four photographs of Sedes Sapientiae madonnas, including Black Madonnas, from France.

Notre Dame de Prades, Eglise Saint Pierre, Prades (Pyrénées-Orientales)

The Marian Library was founded by the Marianists of the University of Dayton in 1943 to make the Blessed Virgin Mary better known, loved, and served. It is a special library whose presence on campus is a significant expression of the university’s Catholic and Marianist identity.

The Marian Library is recognized both nationally and internationally as a center for scholarship on the Blessed Virgin Mary. It serves the research needs of faculty and students of the International Marian Research Institute and of the broader University of Dayton community, and of visitors throughout the world.

Saint Mary’s Hall, Chapel, Saint Joseph Hall

The Marian Library is located at 300 College Park on the campus of the University of Dayton. We will provide more information on the exhibition as the dates draw nearer.

20 thoughts on “An Exhibition in Dayton

  1. This is a view or the 19th century campus taken from the direction of the International Marian Research Institute and library. They have fantastic holdings including visual materials. Often said to be the largest collection of things related to the Virgin Mary in the world,

      1. I focus on medieval theology and philosophy at U. of Dayton and teach a course on medieval theology for Ph.D. students in Religious Studies. I am appointed to the departments of Philosophy and Religious Studies and have used early printings of medieval works in the Institute’s library for my research. Thank your for your wonderful site. You create the most beautiful windows into this world with your photography. Anthony Smith and I have followed your work online for years and recommended it to students in a Ph.D. course on religious material culture. In fact, such photos, but not as nice as yours, led me into the Middle Ages while in high school in the early 1970s. Finding your photos has been like going to heaven. Emile Male notes that he found his faith in the medieval stone sculptures of France. Your work does something like this, especially for people who are at a distance. Thank you so much for opening up interior and exterior spaces, and giving them new life. It will be so great to have your work in Dayton.

      2. John, thank you so much for your very kind words. This means a great deal to both of us. Perhaps we can meet at the exhibition; it would be our great pleasure.

    1. Dear Covetotop, we just had a long conversation about you with our houseguest, a very frustrated Nathan Mizrachi. He was so curious as to your name, profession and other personal details and we had to decline, even with him. We told him that if he wants to know those details, he must make his pilgrimage to Catalonia and pay tribute to Covetotop in person!

      1. I knew it all… The mighty Western Wind whispered to my ears your conversation 😀

        No more undeserved frustration. Such a great person and adventurous caminante as Nathan Mizrachi may know that info (as long as he is willing to enter into our vast and cyclopean confidentiality agreement).

        All the best for the three of you, my friends!

  2. Dear Dennis,

    I believe the blog page linked to this email shows a photo of Black Madonna of Montserrat instead of ND de Prades from l’eglise St Pierre in Prades itself. I’ve never seen the latter, but know the former by heart after a visit in 1973.

    Congratulations on the exhibition in Dayton!

    And thank you so much for the extraordinary beauty and love in each photograph of your astonishing collection and career.

    Ad multos annos,

    With affection

    Mark Higgins Washington DC


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