Our Dayton Opening (Dennis Aubrey)

Via Lucis has been very quiet lately, but it is not because nothing is happening. We are preparing a post on our recent trip to photograph Savannah’s Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist and working on our exhibition at the International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton, which opens next week!

The exhibition of photos of Black Madonnas and Throne of Wisdom Madonnas takes place from June 25 to July 27 at the Marian Library. The Marian Library Gallery is on the seventh floor of Roesch Library at 300 College Park Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45469 and it is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm on Monday through Friday.

We will host a small reception on Wednesday, July 11 at 3:30pm. PJ and I would love to meet any members of the Via Lucis community who are in the region. If you are interested in coming, please email us and we will get you the information on the reception.

On an additional note, we have an upcoming show at the Lancaster Art Walk here in Lancaster, Ohio. We will be at the Artist’s Reception on Thursday, July 19 from 5-7pm at the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio at 145 E Main St, Lancaster, OH 43130. Our “Painted Romanesque” exhibition will be on display at Art & Clay On Main at 150 W Main St, Lancaster, OH 43130 on Friday, July 20 from 6-9pm. Again, members of the Via Lucis community are welcome to come to either event. Our lives have been so enriched by meeting many of you in the past and we hope to do so in this next month.

PJ at the exhibit of photos, July 2018

On the technical side, our prints for the Dayton exhibition were provided by Miller’s Professional Imaging in Columbia, Missouri. After an exhaustive national search for vendors and extensive proofing with Miller’s, we selected them. Their work is superb and they have the best customer service I have seen in years.

Our framing was done locally by The Frame Shop here in Lancaster. Cindy and Steve Smith have done many art works for us and when we asked for a bid on the exhibition, they matched the online prices and provided real wood frames instead of composite frames. First rate works from friendly local neighbors – we couldn’t ask for more.

If you are interested in ordering the exhibition catalog, please follow this link.

12 thoughts on “Our Dayton Opening (Dennis Aubrey)

    1. What has happened to the Coverotop blog, my friend. I finally emerged from my dark place and sought solace with you and your beloved Empordà and the site is gone! Desolation is what I feel. Hoping that you are well, at least. PJ will be crushed as well.

      1. I’m well, Dennis; thank you very much. But I thought that it was time to put a finale to that long series of surrealistic musings and amateurish photos that was Covetotop’s blog. I’ll go on writing (in Spanish), and hope to publish a novel or something else one day. In the meanwhile, I’ll continue enjoying your Art through Via Lucis. If it wasn’t for the Atlantic Ocean’s vast aquascape, I would be one of the first people to attend your exhibits…

  1. Congratulations on the exhibition opening, PJ and Dennis!
    I wish I could be there. Jong-Soung

  2. Congratulations again – this time for the catalogue.
    When I realised I’d paid about $1.30 per page (including post to Europe) I wondered at my extravagance. Now it has arrived, and I have found a couple of quiet hours to have it around me. And they are mesmerising (often the son as much as the mother, or the relationship between their expressions). And I love the roughness: there’s nothing pastel here. Black is the base colour of the book; the print is (nearly) all bold. It is a fascinating attempt to help us get back, get in there. I even almost forget the sometimes stark high illumination (though I’d love to see your pictures in candle light or flashes of sunlight). Thank you for your illumination, and I hope the exhibition is as powerful.
    (As a photographer myself – and I’ve just taken down an exhibition of my photographs in Italy which were all square – I wonder if the square format here always suits your purpose. That would be my only question to this lovely little collection.)

    1. John, thanks so much for the photographer to photographer comments. You are right, there is nothing pastel here amidst one of my favorite subjects. It was very interesting talking to people at the reception about the shots, to hear how they responded to the shots. As far as the aspect ratio goes, most of the time we go with the camera format because that is how we compose the shots, but sometimes we can crop. I am personally less enamoured with the square aspect ratio, especially in the architecture.

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