Another radio interview (Dennis Aubrey)

Sacred Heart Radio in Cincinnati, Ohio contacted us recently for an interview. Today I was interviewed by Father Rob Jack for two segments. This interview is a kind of overview of Via Lucis and our love of Romanesque churches. The interview starts at about 36:35 and continues for about ten minutes. Part 2 begins at 50:08 and continues until 56:55.

Since 2001, Sacred Heart Radio has brought Catholic programming to the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Beginning with one station (WNOP, Newport’s famous “floating radio station”) and two employees, Sacred Heart Radio now operates an AM station at the 740 frequency (heard in Cincinnati and Covington), an FM station at the 89.5 frequency (heard in Hamilton, Ohio) and 910 AM in Middletown.

In addition to carrying programs from EWTN, Ave Maria Radio, and other networks, Sacred Heart Radio produces the Son Rise Morning Show heard across the country, as well as numerous seasonal programs heard throughout the year.

5 thoughts on “Another radio interview (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. Very well done, Dennis. You sound strong and energetic. That is refreshing. His questions seemed uninformed, but your comments were spot on. Thank you for sharing. Your passion for these treasures is as strong as ever.

    1. Thanks, Vann, it was fun to do this. I am feeling much better now, as you say, stronger and more energetic. This is a big improvement from a pretty disastrous December. We are very busy now; two exhibitions now, three more for the year coming up (and possibly more), and a big seven week trip to Europe in September. Feeling like I’ve emerged from a long, dark tunnel … spent the weekend in Cleveland celebrating PJ’s birthday and had a great time. So excited to have the energy to do this and especially work on Via Lucis.

  2. Most interested to hear your interview. I had no idea that the US had Catholic radio stations although I am familiar with EWTN. France also has a Catholic tv network (KTO) which is also available on the internet. However we in Britain do not have either a Catholic radio station or Catholic tv station. We need an English Mother Angelica!
    Incidentally I agree your comments about N-D la Grande in Poitiers. It is an amazing church and the Son et Lumiere performance enhances the facade in an amazing way. We tend to forget that originally such facades were in full colour.

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