New Podcast Episode – Angelico Surchamp (Part 2)

PJ and I have just published Part 2 of our podcast appreciation of our friend and mentor, Dom Angelico Surchamp. As in Part 1, PJ and I converse and reminisce about our times with Surchamp and what he meant to us. The appreciation is purely conversational.

We wrote a memorial post after Surchamp’s passing in March of 2018. This makes a good summary of our relationship with the great Dom Angelico.

Dom Angelico Surchamp and PJ McKey, Église Sainte Marie Madeleine, Le Villars (Saône-et-Loire) Photo by Dennis Aubrey

The podcast – “A Monk the Morvan” – can be found at the following locations.


6 thoughts on “New Podcast Episode – Angelico Surchamp (Part 2)

  1. A great catch up on your posts Dennis as you know I seem to miss you blog for months at a time and then boom – so much detail and background and now the addition of podcasts well done Sir.

  2. I have looked further for information on Dom Angelico and have discovered there is a Wikipedia entry in French but so far not in English. He was also mentioned on other websites after his death and I was pleased to see a photo of one of his last frescoes which was commissioned by the Bishop of Autun for his residence. Dom Angelico was indeed a man of many talents.

    It is a small world as one evening in 2018 I shared a cafe table in Lourdes with a charming lady who turned out to be the mother of Mgr Riviere the Bishop of Autun who had commissioned the fresco of Dom Angelico.

    1. Elizabeth, the Éditions Zodiaques are not published in English, so I’m not completely surprised, although Janet Marquardt’s wonderful book should have spurred some activity. We are hoping to photograph some of his frescoes on our trip this coming Fall. We were so lucky to spend all the time with him and to communicate with him over the years. Thank you so much for writing about this and it is always nice to see “Pelerin” on a comment.

  3. Thanks for this moving podcast. I delighted in hearing of Pere Surchamp’s delight in the clouds. Someday I dream of retiring to a small house in the north of the Morvan, somewhere between Vezelay and Quarre les Tombes, and if my dream is realized I too will bring flowers to the grave of the monk who presented so much beauty to my eyes.

    1. Carl, we looked long and hard at the village of Asquins, just below Vézelay! It just didn’t work out for us, but every time we go back to the area we stop in at Les Hirondelles for a pernod. So glad that you liked the podcast – this, as you can imagine, was very personal for us.

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