New Podcast Episode – The Pilgrimage Church of Conques

PJ and I have just had another podcast conversation – this time about our experiences photographing the magnificent Basilique Sainte Foy in the Averon town of Conques. This was a great deal of fun for us, recalling everything from seeing a Danish family “reading” the tympanum to eating aligot and saucisson to a surprise hotel bathroom. And of course we talk about the church and its astonishing sculptural adornments.

View of village of Conques (Aveyron) Photo by Dennis Aubrey

If you want to read more about this very special pilgrimage church, we have listed links to the articles on our Via Lucis site.

Basilique Sainte Foy, “A Feast of Conques”

Basilique Sainte Foy, “The Capitals of Conques “

Basilique Sainte Foy, “Lessons in Stone”

Basilique Sainte Foy, “Basilique Sainte Foy. “The Rhythms of Romanesque”

Basilique Sainte Foy, “The Many Hands of Mary’s Maid”

The podcast – “The Pilgrimage Church of Conques” – can be found at the following locations.


Please listen and if you are so inclined, follow and comment. We are anxious for feedback on this newest Via Lucis venture.

5 thoughts on “New Podcast Episode – The Pilgrimage Church of Conques

  1. Fascinating! My eldest son ‘did’ the Camino to Santiago de Compostella on a bike a couple of years ago. He had been made redundant and he needed inspiration as to what he was going to do next. He flew to Biarritz then cycled to Compostella. He sent me a postcard showing the Coquille St Jacques (scallop) emblem. It is surprising how many people do not know that Saint Iago is known in English as St James.

    1. Elizabeth, it is amazing that people don’t know about Saint Iago, specifically James the Greater. Actually, I always knew him as James the Elder, not the Greater, but that seems to have changed over the years. Glad you liked the podcast. We had fun doing it. Working on the next one about the amazing capitals in the church of Biollet.

  2. Another wonderful podcast, which brought me back to three marvelous days I spent in Conques in October of 2000. Have you read Little Saint, by Hannah Green? If you haven’t, it is a wonderful book about Saint Foy, the town of Conques, and the nature of ecstacy. I highly recommend it.

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