New Video Interview- Jubilee Museum

PJ and I have an exhibition at the Jubilee Museum in Columbus, and this interview was done in conjunction with that show. The program is the “Jubilee Museum Series” and is hosted by Wanda Dengel and the Director of the Museum, Shawn Kenney. Here is their release:

The Jubilee Museum’s purpose is to preserve the Catholic mind and memory as it is represented in art as well as Catholic Church history. This month’s episode highlights the current exhibit at the museum “Light & Stone: A Gallery of Romanesque Architecture” featuring artistic images of the interiors and exteriors of churches found in Spain and France. The work of American photographers Dennis Aubrey and PJ Aubrey have appeared in Architecture, Art and Sculpture, Photography, as well as other publications.

6 thoughts on “New Video Interview- Jubilee Museum

  1. Unfortunately when trying to watch this there is a notice saying that ‘my browser does not currently recognise any of the video formats’ so I am unable to watch the interview. However on trying to find it elsewhere I see that YouTube actually have an EWTN programme on this Museum with Fr Mitch Pacwa which does work on my computer and which I shall be most interested to see.

    1. Elizabeth, I’ll check the links, but when I put them up, they worked on my browser. Perhaps I’ll just put a link to the YouTube publication and not try to have it run on our site.

  2. Wonderful – thank you so much for altering this as I can now watch it and will indeed do so later today.

  3. It has worked perfectly – it is good to put a face to your pod casts! Perhaps there is a bit more life in my aged computer after all! I am pleased you mentioned the Baptistery in Poitiers. I have stayed on two occasions in this wonderful medieval town and was bowled over by the churches there and of course the Baptistery. The facade of Notre-Dame-la-Grande is truly amazing.

    1. Elizabeth, we consider Poitiers to be at the center of our Romanesque world, and not just because I lived there. We will be doing a podcast about Poitiers someday as well. Imagine a town that modest with Notre Dame la Grande, the Cathédrale Saint Pierre, the Église Sainte Radegonde, and Saint-Hilaire. And there is more!

      1. I look forward very much to reading that post. I was lucky enough to attend an ordination in the Cathedral there a few years ago. I had gone to Poitiers after researching the life of someone who was born there for an article I have yet to write, and knowing little about the town beforehand I was very taken with it.
        Each year for the past 14 years I have taken the train from Paris down to the Pyrenees and until a couple of years ago it went through Poitiers often slowly so that you could see the caves where troglodytes once lived at the side of the track. Now with the new TGV line in service, meaning that you can reach Bordeaux in 2 hours instead of 3, it unfortunately bypasses both Poitiers and Angouleme. An hour has been gained but at the cost of the complete loss of views of Poitiers and Angouleme.

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