Happy Easter

We were fortunate a few years ago to find yet another medieval sculpture of the patron of secular Easter celebrations, Saint Saliento Lepus. We repost it this year as a reminder of the seriousness of the secular celebration.

Saint Saliendo Lepus
Saint Saliendo Lepus

According to our research, Saint Saliendo Lepus was a 3rd century noble Roman rabbit who incurred the wrath of the Emperor Diocletian by hiding colored eggs in the forum. Enraged, Diocletian had him turned over to Plautian, prefect of the praetorium, who tortured him in an effort to force him to stop this practice, but when Saliento persisted, he was beheaded and served in a stew with lentils and onions. Though the legend is an ancient one, it is no more than that.

9 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. I was admiring again the stained glass in Gloucester Cathedral, and the fan vaulting, and thinking about Notre Dame, and its significance to people the world over who appreciate the monumental beauty of man’s creations, and their importance to society. May your Easter be a peaceful one.

    1. Thanks, Vann, and Happy Easter to you as well. It is hard to believe that people respond the way that they did to the burning of Notre Dame and then others blow up churches in Sri Lanka. My heart hurts.

      1. It is my observation that we will be faced with terrorism of fanatics, religious or otherwise, for many years to come. As much as it sickens me, it seems a small price to pay when you think of the millions who perished in the wars of the 20th century. In the overall scope of things, we are actually ling through the most peaceful time for the past 200 years. It hurts, yes, but this too shall pass. And to think that over a billion dollars has been raised in only a few days for the cathedral’s restoration speaks volumes about our priorities.

  2. Happy Easter to you PJ and Dennis!!! Thank you for giving us the chance of many years of travelling through medieval Europe. I love your posts! I have learned a lot!Best regards,Connie PiñeiroBuenos Aires

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