New Podcast Episode – Blackie, Big Fella and Bubbles

PJ and I have discovered that the first question we are asked at our exhibition receptions is “Why Via Lucis?” We have already published seven podcasts in the last two months and people ask that same question, so we decided to do an episode talking about the why and wherefore of Via Lucis. And in the process, we talk about PJ’s inevitable habit of anthropomorphic naming of everything, including our equipment. Learn more about Blackie, Big Fella and Bubbles!

This podcast can also be found at the following hosting sites along with all of our other previous episodes.


Please listen and if you are so inclined, follow and comment. We are anxious for feedback on this newest Via Lucis venture.

2 thoughts on “New Podcast Episode – Blackie, Big Fella and Bubbles

  1. i am sure you must have come across boxes of old postcards dating from the early years of the last century in the outdoor brocantes and these are often wonderful sources of postcards showing ancient French churches. Postcard dealers once spurned postcards of churches as they were so common. However they are at last being valued as a record of the history of French architecture and sought after by genealogists too. Particularly poignant are postcards showing churches in the Somme, Nord and Pas de Calais regions many of which were devastated during WWI.

    I have a collection of many hundreds depicting French churches from different ages. Vezelay produced a fine series showing closeups of the wonderful columns. When one considers the cumbersome cameras with their glass plates of the time, it is amazing what was achieved by those photographers.

    1. Elizabeth, I loved these displays. I remember a brocante on the way to La Rochelle from Poitiers that had literally a dozen trays of these cards. It was something that I would spend hours going through, fascinated. I still have a few left, including a group showing scenes of Verdun during World War I. I think the Vézelay series is from an early book published … don’t remember the name right now but I could find it. Thanks for jogging the memory on this!

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