Some Numbers for Via Lucis (Dennis Aubrey)

June has been a pretty important month for this Via Lucis blog. First off, we have now received over 500,000 visitors in this, our tenth year. Now I know that many blogs and sites get more than that in a day, but there are not talking about medieval art and architecture. When we first started this blog, we had no idea what kind of reception we would get. Now, 750 posts later (this is our 750th), articles from nine guest authors (including 26 from Jong-Soung Kimm), several thousand photographs, 8000 of the most interesting comments, thousands of followers on various social media sites, and sixteen podcasts, we see that it has been quite a ride.

PJ on the roof of Chartres (Photo by Dennis Aubrey)

PJ and I are preparing to go to Europe again in September to resume our photography after my health recovery and we will add to the 900 churches and cathedrals that we have documented since 2007. We had six exhibitions last year, six more this year and who knows what lies in the future? We have enjoyed the podcasting so much that we are going to continue while we are on the road this fall. We are actually going to try to record in some of the churches that we photograph.

The artist in his studio (Photo by PJ McKey)

We thank you all for your kindness, encouragement, and participation in our great Via Lucis adventure. You, our readers, come from 210 different countries (including one lonely visitor from Togo) and have translated some of our articles into French and Italian. The conversations with you that we have had on this site has led us to visit several of you in person and we have made valued friendships with others who we have never met but who correspond regularly.

So, PJ and I send our thanks. You have enriched our lives and our work, and we will be forever grateful.

10 thoughts on “Some Numbers for Via Lucis (Dennis Aubrey)

  1. If you ever come again to Spain,I’ll be pleased to show you the Romanesque in Palencia,in the north of the country.It is amazing and beautiful,with some of the most remarkable and valuable churches in the country.
    Thank you for your wonderful work .

  2. You can never match our gratitude for all the knowledge and beauty you have brought into our lives – the lives of the community you have created. Think of that for a moment – where before Via Lucis, there existed only smatterings of interest and knowledge, widely scattered (without form or substance?), silently waiting for someone to breathe life into ideas and work that mean the world to them, now there exist at least hundreds, if not thousands, of us who can together see and hear and study structures and places that were both known and unknown to us. Thank you.

  3. I certainly can say that you both have enriched my world, given me a way to see places and things I could not see in person and shared your love of art, architecture, beauty and wonder with all of us, your readers. Congrats on the tenth anniversary!

  4. There is no way I can count the thrills, enjoyment and enlightenment that your work has given me. You have enriched my life and the world. I look forward to your ventures and the pleasant way to tag along.

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