A New Podcast – the Auvergne – Part 2

Words can’t do justice to the beauty of the spring countryside in the Auvergne with its fields of yellow dandelions, meadows, volcanic peaks and herds of cattle blending peacefully under a deep blue sky. In the fall, the autumn colors fill the valleys and mountains.

This central highlands of France is also home to many of the greatest Romanesque churches – the Cathédrale Notre Dame of Le Puy, the Basilique Saint Julien in Brioude, Saint Austremoine in Issoire, Orcival, Saint Nectaire, and so many more. The richness of the Romanesque bounty is something that we can explore every year when we travel to France.

Cobbled floor, Basilique Saint Julien, Brioude (Haute-Loire) Photo by Dennis Aubrey

Here are some links to articles we have written about the Auvergne:

In the Shadow of Le Puy
Notre Dame du Port
Église Saint Laurent d’Auzon
The Abbey Church of Saint Austremoine, Issoire
Lux Aeterna

This podcast can also be found at the following hosting sites along with all of our other previous episodes.


Please listen and if you are so inclined, follow and comment. We are anxious for feedback on this newest Via Lucis venture.

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