Rest in Peace, Dennis

It is with infinite sadness that I must tell you that Dennis passed away suddenly last Friday. I write this on behalf of his wife and partner, PJ. With his passing, Dennis leaves a gaping abyss in our lives. He was a man larger than life, zestful in his embrace of all that life offered. […]

The Sensual Is Not Sinful (Ann Aubrey Hanson)

Encounters with God are meant to be physical. Throughout Scriptures, any encounter with God is pre-eminently physical (in the Word made flesh, in the burning bush, in the tongues of fire). Christ became man, to encounter us in our physical realm. He was a man who needed to eat, to sleep, even to bathe. Our flesh was his flesh. And he embraced man, woman, and child — God embracing us in our very beings.

Sacred Spaces (Ann Aubrey Hanson)

Sacred spaces such as churches are not just a repository for everything we have invested in them, but for all that God has invested in them. This is why these churches still speak to us. They tell us of things past and, in the case of Christians, things to be. For a moment, we see heaven on earth.