New Video Interview- Jubilee Museum

PJ and I have an exhibition at the Jubilee Museum in Columbus, and this interview was done in conjunction with that show. The program is the “Jubilee Museum Series” and is hosted by Wanda Dengel and the Director of the Museum, Shawn Kenney. Here is their release: The Jubilee Museum’s purpose is to preserve the […]

New Podcast Episode – Grâce à Biollet

One of the great misconceptions that PJ and I have had on our many adventures photographing Romanesque architecture was our first impression of the capitals of the Église Saint Pierre in Biollet, a village in the Puy-de-Dôme. What we first took to be naïf sculpture by poor workmen turned out to be something completely different. […]

Podcast Update

Last week PJ and I published first podcast for Via Lucis on the Podbean platform, but since then we have been investigating other platforms. Right now the podcast is available also on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Blubrry. Click on the logos below to see the program on each platform. The Blubrry site allows listeners […]

Another radio interview (Dennis Aubrey)

Sacred Heart Radio in Cincinnati, Ohio contacted us recently for an interview. Today I was interviewed by Father Rob Jack for two segments. This interview is a kind of overview of Via Lucis and our love of Romanesque churches. The interview starts at about 36:35 and continues for about ten minutes. Part 2 begins at […]