Two Suns (Dennis Aubrey)

PJ and I look forward every year to our sabbatical in Europe to photograph the Romanesque and Gothic churches that are the backbone of Via Lucis. Of course we love visiting with our friends there, staying at our favorite hotels, eating the wonderful meals and drinking the wine. The churches themselves are glorious and we […]

De Profundis (Dennis Aubrey)

“De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine; Domine, exaudi vocem meam. Fiant aures tuæ intendentes in vocem deprecationis meæ.” Psalm 130 “Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord. Lord, hear my voice: let thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications.” Psalm 130, King James Version One of our readers, […]

Patrick’s Passing (Dennis Aubrey)

My friend Patrick Cunningham died yesterday, the first of one group of important people in my life to pass. I have been lucky in this regard – a large number of theater friends were taken by the AIDS epidemic, but my parents are in their mid-eighties and are well, both physically and mentally. My brothers […]

Annihilated by the material (Dennis Aubrey)

“La signification de l’art roman, en notre temps, est évident. Il y faut voir un regret, le regret d’un monde. Le regret d’un ordre qui fut le nôtre et qui brille d’un dernier éclat à cet instant où l’horizon s’enténèbre, inexorablement, et où l’esprit, vaicu, semble sur le point de disparaitre, chassé, battu, anéanti par […]

The Nerve that is Dying (Dennis Aubrey)

They seek splendor; who would touch them must stun them; The nerve that is dying needs thunder to rouse it. William Everson, San Joaquin (1939) About 12 years ago I was part of a Los Angeles venture capital funding event called “Herring on Hollywood”, where Red Herring Magazine featured a number of companies that would […]

✿ Ravaillac’s Dream ✿ (Dennis Aubrey)

The Rue de la Ferronnerie is a small, two-block long street in Paris on the right bank, less than a quarter of a mile southeast of the Église Saint-Eustache. On that street on May 13, 1610, François Ravaillac of Angoulême committed tyrannicide. A fervent Catholic, he confessed himself and received from a monk a small […]

My Name is Legion (Dennis Aubrey)

Last night was one of those long, dark nights where sleep is impossible and the mind roils and spins. At times like this, there are words and phrases that enter unbidden into my mind and will not leave. For years, the phrase Abyssus abyssum invocat or its French version, L’abîme appelle l’abîme has been a […]