The Celestial Vault (Dennis Aubrey)

I’m going to try here to accomplish in short form something that is almost impossible – an overview of medieval vaulting. In theory, the task should be simple, but the subject is extremely complex. It starts with the barrel vault, a continuous sequence of arches that forms a tunnel and thereby covers an enclosed space. […]

Our safety net (Dennis Aubrey)

As readers of this blog know, we recently narrowly escaped a major disaster when I accidentally deleted this blog in April. A supposedly unrecoverable event was saved by the good people at WordPress. Whew. But it got me thinking, what happens if we lose our actual photographs? We have a 14 terabyte RAID 10 array […]

More Mapping Changes (Dennis Aubrey)

We’ve recently responded to readers who want to know how to locate the churches that we write about. A number of our posts are explorations of one church exclusively and we list them on our Featured Churches page. The other day I added the longitude and latitude coordinates to the page, and today, at the […]

✿ The Arch Never Sleeps ✿ (Dennis Aubrey)

After the fifth century collapse of the Roman Empire in the west, Europe was assailed by a series of invasions from Germanic tribes. Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Huns, and Franks swept into what is now Italy, France, and Spain. These invasions were actually migrations of entire peoples and they settled in the conquered lands, adopting local […]

To Reveal or Conceal (Dennis Aubrey)

This post originated from an interesting conversation that I recently had with Robert Consoli, who has a site called Squinchpix. Robert has as passionate a dedication to documenting and archiving European archaeological and architectural sites as PJ and I have in our more narrow field of specialization, the Romanesque and Gothic churches. The conversation centered […]