HDR in Churches (Dennis Aubrey)

Everyone who has experience in photography realizes that the wider the dynamic range of the lighting in the scene, the more difficult it is to get a properly exposed image. If the photographer exposes for the shadows, the highlights are blown. If the shot is exposed for the highlights, the shadows are dark, featureless and […]

More Celestial Vaults (Dennis Aubrey)

Shooting Romanesque and Gothic vaults has become one of my passions and I’ve finally worked out some techniques that allow me to get consistent results. I’m not one of these folks who can lie on my back and shoot upwards, and instead have to rig the camera properly to get the shots. The Canon 17mm […]

Trinity Church in HDR – Boston (Dennis Aubrey)

We enjoy shooting two Boston churches especially, Trinity Church and Old South Church, both on Copley Square. We did an earlier post on photographing churches with tilt-shift lenses that featured both structures. I have been going through our library and found the following two shots from Trinity Church. These photos are interesting because it was […]

The Basilica (Dennis Aubrey)

Romanesque architecture was so designated because its forms and structures harkened back to Roman models of six centuries earlier. But this was not a conscious return to the past, but a continuous development from the first years of Roman Imperial Christianity. In the early part of the fourth century, the Christian population in Europe was […]

The Arch Never Sleeps (Dennis Aubrey)

After the fifth century collapse of the Roman Empire in the west, Europe was assailed by a series of invasions from Germanic tribes. Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Huns, and Franks swept into what is now Italy, France, and Spain. These invasions were actually migrations of entire peoples and they settled in the conquered lands, adopting local […]

Archiving Via Lucis Photos (Dennis Aubrey)

✜ WARNING: GEEK ALERT! ✜ We continue to expand the Via Lucis collection, and with another trip coming in Fall, we needed to start planning on the next phase of our archiving. After a great deal of searching, we have selected a new NAS storage server for our internal network, the Thecus N7700. We decided […]

Architectural lenses (Dennis Aubrey)

PJ and I use Canon full-frame sensor cameras for our work (1dsMkIII and the original 5D) so we use Canon lenses almost exclusively. This article will detail which lenses we use for the different tasks in shooting churches and cathedrals. There is a caveat, of course. Since we travel across the Atlantic and in France […]

A view above (Dennis Aubrey)

This is another quick mini-post to sing the praises of the Canon 17mm tilt-shift lens. The lens has proven a revelation for the churches over here, perfect for capturing the full horizontal and vertical scope. As shown in a previous post, “The Celestial Vault”, it is excellent for capturing vaulting. This photo shows how the […]

The Celestial Vault (Dennis Aubrey)

I’m going to try here to accomplish in short form something that is almost impossible – an overview of medieval vaulting. In theory, the task should be simple, but the subject is extremely complex. It starts with a sequence of arches that forms a continuous tunnel and thereby covers an enclosed space. The first example […]